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I don't know that the ratios are all that important except that at least 20% of your calories should come from fat. I have been tracking my ratios since January of 2010 and have a Protein/Carb/Fat ratio of 25/35/40. I have lost 18 pounds so far. One of the reasons my fat ratio remains high is I have whole milk with breakfast. I have read of fat being like the racing fuels of foods. Fat has a higher caloric content (9 calories/gram)then either carbohydrates or Protein (4 calories/gram) and so provides more energy than any other food source. I also read that it is easier for your body to convert fat to energy than to store it as fat. In contrast it is easier for you body to convert simple carbohydrates to fat than to burn them as energy. I would recommend that you concentrate on reducing your intake from simple carbs (white bread, sugar, etc..) and keep your total calories, regardless of the ratio, at a 500-600 calorie deficit. As the previous poster said make sure your fat sources are good ones. This will allow you to lose 1-1/2 to 2 pounds a week. Its worked for me.
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