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Question Experience: Do You Exercise?

Hello, all! I am new to the forum (well, new to fitday) but a long-time calorie counter. I am a college student (21 and healthy) and I find that I have limited opportunities to exercise at a gym. In a given day, I am usually in class or studying for 12 out of 16-hours day. Most of my activity comes from walking to and from class (40 minutes round-trip) and climbing flights of stairs. Since studying takes so much time and I am active enough (in my opinion), I do not have a strict gym schedule. I watch my diet and limit carbs.

I am curious what your experience has been with exercise:

*Do you exercise?
*Did you exercise during weight loss? How much and how much of what type (aerobic, anaerobic) of exercise did you choose?
*To the best of your knowledge, what type of "diet" did you choose - was it low in carbs, low in fat, high in protein, moderate protein, etc.?

Would love to hear other people's experiences!
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