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Welcome Pkrystal123 – I haven’t clicked on your links, if you are selling something, please check the rules on that.

SW, soundls like you’ve got plenty of real world training, I’ve heard dogs called “fuzzy little treadmills”. Good luck with your upcoming ½

You too Pam - 7 hours is intense, whatever you are doing.

Spinning today – a fairly disappointing class, I’m going to ask the fitness director, who used to teach that class if he will observe and offer the instructor some feedback – she just doesn’t seem very involved in the class, and I expect that’s something she could learn with a little help – she’s quiet for long periods, so you just keep pedaling. I worked pretty hard – that’s up to me, not her. My post spinning crunches went fine.

I’ve got client meetings about a mile away, it’s about the same time by subway or walking, so I’ll get two nice walks as part of work today!

Be strong!

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