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April, my DD always said she wanted to get as far away as possible. Now that the time is coming closer to leave, she is feeling differently, I know. And I am a nervous wreck. And yet I can only hope that this will be a good stage of life for her. And yeah I think it will be good for her to get away for many reasons, not the least of which are some of her friends, who are basically good kids but many of whom have very tough and unstable family lives. As I said, she has come a looooong way. She still has a long way to go and my worries are not over. She, for example, thinks it is SO unfair that I will not allow her, an inexperienced driver, to drive her friends to Warped Tour in a different state this summer. I know, I know, I am SOOOOOOO unreasonable. Why can't I just get with the program and allow her to do whatever she wants? Yeeesh, Mom. So unfair. I am RUINING her life over this don't you know.

Jho, 100 oz is A LOT of water. But then again, I am still trying to choke down 48 oz so maybe I am not the best judge. Still, 80 sounds pretty good to me!!!

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