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Smile Thoughts?

Welcome to all my new virtual friends!!! So, since this seems to be a spot that everyone is at & we are all looking for support, let just keep coming back to this thread as often as you like and post your progress, shortfalls, tips, healthy food choices, etc. I'll go first...

I've been at this now for 2 weeks. I'm trying to loose weight and not drink alcohol. My blood pressure is a little high and I have diabetes in my family, so I just need to get a handle on my health. Anyway, I have a planner and I put a smilie face when I work out and a star if I don't drink. I have 2 weeks of faces and stars and I'm only down 2 stinkin' pounds... which I'm thinking is water weight. I have been logging my food and eating every 2 hours, not eating b4 bed... so um, yeah all that hard work w/little to no results made me fall off the wagon and eat Easter candy, hot wings & beer for a few day's in a row. Ho-hum, I'm not giving up and I'm going to keep at it. Today is a new day!!!!! But I'm not going to weigh myself till tomorrow!

current weight: 180
goal weight: 140

all because I over ate
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