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Jho ... I love Grey's too! Hubby accomodates me with that, Desperate Housewives & Private Practice. We watch them later on my laptop because during their regular air times he likes to watch Ax Men, Swamp People, etc. And I watch those along with him too

Mern ... What a touchy situation. I do think she shouldn't have gone so far with it. So many people are all about suing & pressing charges instead of acting civil towards other people nowadays. That's my view anyway.

Lizzie ... That's the only thing we didn't have is freedom from phone calls. And when it is your son on the phone you can't very well ignore it. What if they really do need something.

Hope ... I think I know how you are feeling. It will be nice to see her get on with her life and away from what may have been causing her such trouble in the past but it is so hard to watch them get ready to leave. They are ready and scared all at the same time. I have a few years yet and I hope they don't pass too quickly.

Terrie ... I wish....really really wish that I would lose weight during TOTM. I am actually up 2lbs today due to that. Has to be since I didn't overeat yesterday and spent over 2 hrs doing hard yard work. Ugh! I hate Mother Nature!

Mike ... Good thing for a rainy day or you may forget your way back here!
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