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I know its only Monday but I will be checking in OFTEN (hope you don't get sick of me!!) I need to get back on track and I need the motivation back that I had last month!!!!!!!

April – your weekend sounds amazing – thank you for the “boring” details – makes me feel like I’m not the only one who actually enjoys getting some things done when the munchkins are gone! Not that mine go away very often but I have the odd afternoon to myself sometimes! Its so nice to hear that you connected with hubby – it def takes work when you have so many other things on the go! I LOVE Greys!

Mike – not sure if my bladder can handle 100 oz quite yet! Gimme one more week at 80 and I’ll tackle it next week! I haven’t been keeping track today but I can judge that I’m getting plenty by the frequent trips to the washroom! I will work on it though….we shall see what happens! May need to cash in my coupons for Depends! The house has been on the market since last July - its a 6.5 hobby farm that just needs the right buyer - I'm so frustrated. Hubby is optimistic but I am not. We had 3 couples thru the open house yesterday with minimal feedback - If we are going to sell now is the time - tell your friends they should move to Canada and buy this house!
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