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Terrie, you have done awesome! When I had my TOTM I found I went in the opposite direction as you. It woud freak me out sometimes how much I gained (8lbs, WTF??!!??) but it went off when TOTM ended.

April, your weekend sounds awesome. And I know that when you're togther for years, a romantic wekeend might jsut mean raking the lawn!!! But no matter what, it is so good when couples get in synch, isn't it? You guys were in "the zone:" the no kids zone.

Gosh it's gonna be weird when DD goes to school.

I am almost superstitious to say, but things have been going much better with DD. What a change between this year and last. But as I said, I am almost scared to say that. And yeah we have been getting in some good time together which I'm gonna need cause I'm gonna be awreck when she goes. OMG...

So, Mike, the weather brought you back to us, huh? I laughed when April said did the bike run out of gas. Well whatever the reason, glad to have you back.

Gotta say some of you are really shaming me on the water drinking. I almost feel like I should make my minimum 8 glasses but sometimes I have trouble just doing the 6. That's cause I'm a "little sipper." DH and DD make fun of me because they are both big gluggers. And on that note...
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