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Originally Posted by wildbeanerz View Post
weekend was awesome! I am sorry that I wasn't here to talk and update my goals. I hit low weights both days on the weekend (sat: 254.6, sun: 254.8) but this morning was up 2lbs. That is okay it's TOTM (started Saturday). Our older son got invited to go to a cabin for the weekend with his aunt & cousin so our younger asked to go to his grams. They left before we were home from work friday and didn't come home until @3pm sunday. Hubby and I had the whole weekend to ourselves for the first time since before the almost 14 yr old was born! We have had single nights but not a whole weekend. We made dinner at home (philly chicken meat on a salad) then went shopping. I bought two new sweaters. We ran a few other errands we needed to do. Saturday morning we got up. I made us omelettes and scrapple. Hubby went to do some running and I went to a second hand store (bought 2 cute skirts!) and came back home to clean the bathrooms and run the sweeper and do laundry. Hubby did some work on his tractor when he came home instead of interrupting my cleaning LOL. He wanted BLTs for dinner about 2 but I ate a salad with 2 strips of bacon to his BLTs. We then watched an episode of Grey's Anatomy on the laptop. GOt showered and went to the dairy for ice cream (OMG!!) and out to the drive-in for 2 movies. I slept through the second one Sunday was out to eat for breakfast and some more errands. Then we got home and I tackled another forsynthia shrub until the kids came home and hubby was doing oil changes and things he needed to work on.

Sorry for all the boring details, it was just the most perfect weekend in a long time. Not just because the kids weren't home either. It just seemed that we were so in touch with each other. It was nothing really special but it was us, just being us and that is so important to have after over 19 yrs together.
That sounds like a great weekend. I can't remember the last time hubby and I did anything just the two of us, even for a couple of hours. I think it was about a year ago, we went secondhand shopping without the kiddo. Even doing things with the kiddo that don't involve work or errands is rare.
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