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Lizzie ... Thanks for getting us started! Hope you get out of your funk!

Quinn ... Glad to see you aren't letting your missed goal get you down. You will get it even if a bit delayed!

Tori ... Hugs girl! I have something to say that is a bit different than everyone else's so you may or may not want to hear it. I'll put it in white so you can skip it if you want....Do you still really love him despite what he said? Remember when he was getting ready to leave and he tried to hurt you so that you wouldn't wait for him? Could this be the same thing? It doesn't excuse him for acting like an ass. But is he trying to let you go so that you aren't stuck with him when he returns and isn't quite 'the man he used to be'? It's just a different perspective that I have after having a husband who was disabled for about 10 yrs after a car accident. I hope it doesn't offend you.

Cassie ... 8 hrs of exercise! Holy cow! You go girl! LOL

Hope ... Sounds like even though the process is daunting that you and DD are getting in some much needed quality time before she goes off to school.

Jeanne ... 1000 calories per day is a pretty strict limit. I couldn't personally ever hold to that but if you can, more power to ya!

Mike ... Oh, you're back? Did you run out of gas in the bike or what?

Nobe ... How many more days of walking do you have planned for your dad?

Amy ... Glad to see you back. I have missed your humor while you were gone!
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