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Not sure I can stick with it because DD and I are going to see the last college she is considering and then we are all going to make a decision. We went to a reception yesterday which wound up being another info session, identical to the one we had already seen. Much as I have loved the college visits, I think even I am getting sick of this and I know DD is stressed about making a decision.
I tend to make sketchy food choices when I am away. Plus coming off Passover, I feel like I am "owed" food I couldn't have even if I don't normally eat it all in one week. For example, I see a dragon roll (shrimp tempura sushi with crab on top) in my future. But I will try. Gotta do that at least. Yesterday I ate my fatigue so it is no surprise the scale showed it.

Tori, I am so sorry to hear what's been going on with you and I hope that this week is a better one for you.

Good job, Quinn! Keep up the determination!!! You'll get results!!! I also know you can feel where I am re the whole college thing.

Lizzie thanks for starting us off.

1) what else? water, 6 glasses of it minimum
2) calories 1650 of em maximum
3) stretch stretch strech
4) sleep, may be my hardest goal of all
5) try not to worry and obsess, NO this one is the hardest

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