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I'm in. It's Monday and a new week and a bit of adjustments to the goals. Until I master a goal for the complete week, they will stay as goals. This will be a good week!

[U]Health & Wellness Goals[/U
]1. Calories under 1000
2. Walk / exercise everyday
3. Drink 150 oz of water /tea every day
4. Meals at regular time
5. To bed by 11 pm

Other Goals
1. Set up fabric shelf
2. Finish quilt project for Saturday's group
3. Dishes everyday
4. Complete 1 overdue job at work this week
5. Put in 5 hours on 2010 data entry for taxes

I hate to admit it but I haven't filed my 2010 taxes yet. I'm ready to file 2011 but I need to finish 2010 first. I have a good 40 hours of prep work to get them ready to file. Time to put the time in to get them done!

Tori - Hang in there. Pick yourself up and keep moving forward. Get out everyday and do something for yourself - go to a movie, go shopping, take a drive or walk, call a friend you haven't heard from in a while, go feed the ducks. Don't look back and know that he is the one losing out here. I know it hurts, cherish what you had and move on. Hugs to you today!
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