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Had a few busy days so I am just now posting for Fri, Sat and Sun. Mostly did what I should. Will have more time to check in on Monday.

Health Goals:
1- Exercise 5 days M:Y, T: Y, W: Y, Th: N (planned day off), F,: Y, S:Y, S: N
2- Drink 80 oz water daily. M: Y, T: Y, W: Y, Th: Y, F: Y, S: Y, S: N
3- Keep a minimum 600 calorie daily deficit M:Y 789, T: Y 924, W Y 763, Th: N 442, F: Y 1180, S: N (but almost) 589, S: N 576
4- Get 7 hours of sleep each night M:Y 8 hrs!, T: Y 7, W: Y, Th: Y, F: Y, S: Y
5- Practice clogging dance 3 times this week. M: N, T: Y, W: N, Th: N, F: N, S: N

1- Do 2 spring cleaning/organizing projects this week M:N, T: N, W: Y, Th: N, F: N, S:N
2- Read a book 3 times this week (I love to read, but have been sucked into my computer a lot lately and have neglected my book love). M:N, T:N, W: Y, Th:N, F: Y, S: N
3- Help daughter with violin practice M: N, T: Y, W: Y, Th: N, F:Y, S: Y

5'3" age 38
Starting weight (12/25/11)- 217.4
Current weight (4/16/12)-176
Total lost- 41.4 lbs Halfway there!
Goal weight- 135

"You can't fail unless you quit."
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