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I went over in calories, but everything I ate was pretty healthy, so I don't feel too bad. I was doing well until I made modified burritos for supper - shredded chicken breast and black beans with a packet of fancy Mexican spices, peppers, mushrooms and onions, and spinach, tomato, salsa, a bit of guac and a bit of light sour cream on top in an "ancient grains" tortilla. Should've thought ahead and eaten a bit less during the day, though. Or skipped the tortilla and plopped the filling on top of a salad. Oh well.

1) 1,650 calories max/day (allow myself 1 guilt free day over 1,650) - ???, 1567, 1651 (close enough!), 1654 (close enough again!), 1747, 1618 (and that's including a DQ hot fudge sundae), 1861
2) do 2 out of 3 exercises on days I don't work (walking/weights/Richard Simmons) - nada, walked 2 hrs (work)/weights, walk/weights, painted 7 hrs, painted 7 hrs, walked 2 hrs (work), nothing
3) 20% protein minimum - ???, 19%, 24%, 17%, 20%, 27%, 25%
4) 72oz water minimum - maybe 24oz?, 72oz, 72oz, 56oz, 56oz, 56oz, 72oz
5) calorie deficit 600+ - surplus for sure, 927, 674, 1109, 1016, 898, 314
6) take vitamins - yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes
7) lights out by 11 the night before (except Sunday night because apparently I'm hooked on Celebrity Apprentice) - no, no, no, no, no, no, no
8) log all spending daily - no, no, yes, yes (didn't spend anything), yes (didn't spend anything), no, yes

All-over-the-place week. Hoping to keep myself more in check this coming week, at the very least with the yes-or-no goals like water and bedtime.
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