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Originally Posted by milkkissed View Post
Is anyone else having problems seeing their Weight Change reports for 12 Months? When I click on mine, it inexplicably just displays one DAY, not a year. For example, right now mine is displaying data for 05/01 to 05/02 when I choose the 12 Months option. I'm not having problems with any of the other time settings, just that one. Wish I could get this functionality back, because it's encouraging to see my progress over a year versus half a year or 4 months!

Edit: Also, maybe this is specific to my account---I've been using FitDay for years, and I'm a bit perplexed as to why the forum thing to the left thinks I've only been using it since October of last year!
I have the same problem - please get this fixed, Fitday! Is there a way to contact the technical team for Fitday?
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