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Default A break through!!

And where else to celebrate but here, with fellow fitday-ers? Seriously, this isn't the kind of stuff I would just chat about on Facebook or whatever. But here we are all on this journey together, right?
To fill you in: Over the last few years, I guess I fell into a depression that I just didn't realize was having such a negative effect on my body (and life). I am not sure if it was biological (like thyroid, or something) or mental, but I gained over 50lbs in less than 2 years. It was horrible, and the more I gained, the more depressed I was, and the more I ate. Sugar and booze were my constant companions. Before this, I was fit, I was exercising, and I was in a mid-single digit dress size. I just jumped really fast off the deep end into the food pit. I saw my Dr, who prescribed an anti-depressant for two reasons: it would lift my mood AND help with losing weight. I started taking it (this was exactly 12 months ago) and I GAINED over 20lbs. WTF? Because I was just going to keep eating, stuffing my face, and not look in the mirror or get on the scale. I know I gained that much because she weighed me, and I when I finally weighed myself in January, I saw the difference. I had gained over 50lbs from April of 2009 to this point. That is A LOT. Finally, I snapped.
I have been on my journey since January 6th (first day on a scale). I really started eating better before Christmas but I knew I was so bad, weight wise, I couldn't bear to see the number until Jan 6. So on that day, I faced my scale, faced my fat, and decided it's getting off of me. I fit into NOTHING, and couldn't bear to buy new clothes in the size I would actually need.
I started with just eating better, cutting the bad carbs out, but not logging my food into the journal. I was losing some, but I could tell I was overeating calories, even if it was low carb. I needed to do better. So I started back up on Fitday (which I used back when I was in great health and shape) and started tracking all my foods.
I had a foot injury that made it hard to walk, so the gym didn't happen for a time after that, but now I'm back in the gym and seriously pounding the weights. I am a firm believer in muscle burning your fat off, and I strive to gain the muscle as I lose the fat. So I lift heavier weights, and really tax my body each workout, and it feels great. Less exercises, but more intensity, and the gym time is shorter but the gains are significant. I haven't been going every day, choosing to do full body workouts every other day. I probably need to do cardio on the off days, but I haven't been. Had I chosen to do mostly cardio, I am quite sure my scale would read a lot less, but I wouldn't have the muscles that are starting to show through the fat.
Anyway, the muscle gain is surely one reason the scale is SLOW to move, and no matter what you try to say, it's still hard to see it not going down week after week, and sometimes going UP! I try to weigh, log it in, and move on, but it still bugs me. But today is my official weekly weigh in day, and I can finally say it's MOVING AGAIN!!! All I wanted, as a mini goal, was to get into the next 10lb weight bracket, which eluded me for over a month. As of this AM, I made it. So as of this second, I have officially lost 17.4lbs since Jan 6. From March 3rd to today, it's only been about 3lbs, so maybe you can see why I was mildly frustrated with the darn scale.
Of course, NOW I'm kicking myself for not measuring my body (as I've done in the past) because now I really wish I could see the inches lost, especially off of my butt.
BTW, I stopped taking the anti-depressant awhile ago, because what was the point? I don't think it made me feel any better AND it did not help me lose weight. The endorphins I get from the gym work much better and are all natural.
Anyway, 17.4lbs, gone. Next 10lb bracket, done. Just have 32.6lbs to go. Okay, that sounds hard, so it's one pound at a time, right??

Thanks for listening!
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