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Originally Posted by RunbikeSki View Post

Abby, did the replace your old treadmills so they aren't even available?
CrossFit was great this morning. It was a longer workout: 50 power cleans (floor to chest), 40 squats, 30 jerks (chest to overhead), 20 snatches (floor to overhead, wide grip), 10 thusters (floor to chest, squat, and press to overhead as you stand), 500m row. All for time. I tied for first to finish at 16:45.
The weight was the same for all movements. I used 50lbs and had to rest about 1/2 way through each of the movments - 1 rest/movement is pretty good. And all of that was after a long "warm-up". CrossFit cliche: "Our warm-up is your work-out" .
Stay strong everyone!
No, there are some of the old ones still around, but they are in an area I don’t like as much – and I’ll figure out the new soon enough, there’s nothing wrong with them, just user error. Your cross fit sounds truly amazing. I try to make my warmups workouts, because I hate wasting time at they gym!

Originally Posted by davespan10 View Post
Short of time today, so a mad half hour on the cross trainer, followed by the same on the bike.
A half mile cool down walk to round it off, that is the hardest thing at the moment.
Best wishes all.
Even short of time you get a lot done – don’t cause new injuries!

Tunnrida – Jillian enjoyed her day off, but here she is right back on the scene – great work!

Today was an exhausting spin, the instructor who thought he’d passed his class to someone else was there, he said “it’s my day off, so I just came in to blow off steam” – we did intervals, totally exhaust yourself to an ever increasing number of seconds, then blissful, short recovery, and start again. I tried to finish with my usual crunch routine, and got 25 with a 5 Lb weight done on the decline bench, but when I moved on to working my oblique (bicycle crunches), I got a sharp pain. I decided I know my body well enough to pay attention when it tells me to stop, so I did.

Have a great weekend, I’m celebrating Orthodox Easter (no, I’m not Orthodox, but it was an influence growing up, and is strong in the community I live in). Another excuse to eat.
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