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Wow there seem to be a lot of people that are against the HCG diet. I've noticed this in my own life. I've started keeping my mouth shut and not telling people what I am doing. They think that 500 calories isn't enough food. But if you actually look at the meals that I eat you would see that it is a normal portion of food, it's just that it's an extremely healthy portion. The HCG diet works. I've lost almost 50lbs on it. If you are a skeptic or if you want to substitute foods out of the diet, then you need to read what the actual doctor who came up with this diet had to say. Everything you eat has been carefully formulated to make sure you are getting the right amount of vitamins and nutrients, and you really shouldn't be eating the 500 calories any way you want. That WILL make you sick.

Although I believe the diet works I do not feel that it is something that you could do for the rest of your life. I do however, feel that the skills and things you learn while on the diet can carry through with you for the rest of your life. I had to teach myself how to prepare foods the way that I do now, but I don't need fats or oils to make my dinner anymore. I know several ways to make vegetables without making them unhealthy. The biggest thing is that I know what a normal meal portion should be!

I think that if you don't approve of the diet that is fine, but you should not discourage someone else from trying to better their lives. Being obese is far more unhealthy than doing the HCG diet.

I will say that I've met quite a few people who could not keep their weight off after the diet, including myself. I gained back about 10 lbs, from the first round of the diet that I did. But! I found out that is because I did not come off of the diet correctly. You are supposed to slowly reintroduce your body to the foods that you haven't been eating while on the diet. Beyond those things if you sit on the couch, eat the same things, and the same portions as you did before, you are going to gain the weight back. That is true for ANY diet, not just the HCG diet.
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