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hello my name is stephanie. im 29 y/o and have been fighting my weight all my life. i was always the chubbie little girl running around. as i got older is was hard watching girls in bikinis and tight fitting clothes .because i knew i was different. after my pregency i was at my highest weight but ignored it. in 2008 i stepped on a scale and weighed 340. finally decided to do something about it. i now weigh 240, and have 63 more pounds to go to my goal weight at 177. im 5'11 so i dont wont to go no lower than 170. i believe there should be some curve to a woman.

i have noticed that im an emotional/bored eater. it has been hard to break that habit and still have to work hard on not giving in to it. i signed up on this site so i couldnt cheat and as i have seen the facts can smack you in the face. just reading the posts gives me encouragement that im not alone and that there is something i can do about it. thank you and i wish you all the best in your journey
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