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Abby, did the replace your old treadmills so they aren't even available?

CrossFit was great this morning. It was a longer workout: 50 power cleans (floor to chest), 40 squats, 30 jerks (chest to overhead), 20 snatches (floor to overhead, wide grip), 10 thusters (floor to chest, squat, and press to overhead as you stand), 500m row. All for time. I tied for first to finish at 16:45.

The weight was the same for all movements. I used 50lbs and had to rest about 1/2 way through each of the movments - 1 rest/movement is pretty good. And all of that was after a long "warm-up". CrossFit cliche: "Our warm-up is your work-out" .

Stay strong everyone!
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