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Pam, I think you can be excused for not running in the rain, not like you lose many days that way! We’re getting scary on that count in New England – 1 inch so far this year (but a long way from real shortages if you’re on the reservoir system).

Tunnrida, old faithful – I love seeing you keeping keeping on!

I am still figuring out the new treadmills, I hit “rolling hills” “level 5”, 30 minutes, and started at 6.2 MPH, soon I turned it to level 1 – I wasn’t feeling great, and was proud of myself for moving at all. Got through28 minutes, speeding it up for the flatter surfaces and then it went to cooldown, the old ones added that at the end, not subtracting from your start time – live and learn – still a nice run.

And then yoga, amazing wonderful yoga! Namaste!
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