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Thanks Change!!...yea we are about the same have accomplished alot from where you started....keep the lightbulb flashing

Originally Posted by changeisgood29 View Post
Congrats on meeting your goal, beccafries! That is awesome. I *just* realized that you and I are very close to the same weight - funny that that took so long to sink in. I was looking at your weight, and I was like, "man, she's already in pretty good shape - good for her. Maybe one day I'll get there, too." And then this lightbulb went off in my head and I thought, "Umm... You weigh all of 1 more pound than she does." I think I still think of myself like I'm 250. It's gonna take some time to get over that complex, lol! Anyway, I look forward to achieving our similar goals together.
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