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Hello, I'm 24 and today weigh 170lb. I'm not on Atkins but am also trying a low carb diet. So far it's the only diet that's worked and I've lost a stone since Christmas.

As Rubystars pointed out, it is easy to lose track of cholesterol so I've been trying to plan meals so that the main elements are salad, vegetables, chicken and fish and smaller parts are red meat, cheese and eggs. It's really difficult as everything seems to have carbs in but it's really paying off.

I hope that when I reach my goal weight, I can start trying to incorporate foods such as fruit and a small amount of wholegrains and have a balanced diet but still be able to keep my weight in check.

In the meantime though I need to lose about 37lb in about 14 weeks (in time for my wedding dress fitting). It would have been 34lb, but I had a bit of a slip up and put on 3lb over Easter.
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