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Dave, have you moved into the gym? Looks like two hours of working out!

Today was a spinning class, we have a new instructor. She also took the class last Tuesday, and I thought she was a sub, but it appears she’s taking it over. She’s soft spoken, although runs a challenging class, I took a few minutes afterwards to talk to her about sound issues, she’s hard to hear over her own music – hope that works out. Somehow, she’s more like watching TV than the prior guy, he always seemed involved with the students, she says “you’re all doing great”, but I don’t catch the same eye contact, secret joke level he had with everyone – I expect you learn that when you get more comfortable.

I followed spinning with crunches – 25 on the decline bench with a 5 Lb weight, two sets of 8 knee raises in the captain’s chair, and 2 sets of 16 (8 each side) bicycle crunches.

Have a great day everyone!

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