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Originally Posted by jeannedehart View Post
Hi all! I am a newbie to the forum and I want to give the 7 day goal a try.

Health and Wellness Goals
1. Keep a deficit for the week of at least 3000
2. Walk every day for at least 30 minutes
3. To bed by 11pm
4. Eat meals at a regular consistent time - and eat 3 meals a day.
5. Drink at least 150 oz of water / tea a day.

Other Goals
1. Set up shelf for fabrics
2. Complete quilt club project by Wednesday
3. Complete at least 1 overdue job at work along with regular work
4. Do my dishes every day
5. Clear the paperwork off my desk by Friday

I think these are realistic and doable. Look forward to updating this in a positive way tomorrow!
Hi Jeanne!

I'm new here too, so good job on stepping out and getting out there. Hope you have a great week and see the results you're looking for!

Welcome to the club!

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