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Monday Check-In:

1. Calories at or below 1200. 978 (so far)
2. Water bottle at all times. Yes, I'm sloshing.
3. Take all vitamins and supplements. Yes
4. 3 fruits or veggies a day, minimum. 4
5. No bread, cheese, butter, etc. None

Personal Stuff To Accomplish By Friday:

1. Order photo invites. Photog won't call me back... grrrr.
2. Call wholesaler about cups for party. Done!
3. Figure out decorations, table count, etc. Working on it.
4. Figure out band set-up, power sources, etc. (Make call...) No
5. Napkins from daughter's work... remind her. Reminded her, but it won't get done.

Stuffed myself with 2 bowls of a veggie-rich soup and I'm about to burst! Who knew that you could get this full on soup! lol Think I'll put on a pot of decaf to keep my hands out of the lemon meringue pie, half pound fudge Easter egg and raspberry/blueberry pound cake... but it's going to be

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