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I ate my way through Easter day, regrets, yes; but the next holiday is a few months away so I can give myself a break, right?

Started the day off with brunch at my folks house: Coffee x2 – with real half & half and sugar, peppered bacon (lost count), mini sweet rolls (like 3 of them). OJ, scrambled eggs with cheese. Then at my house for dinner with the “extended’ family; glazed spiral ham, mashed potatoes with gooey butter, fruit salad with a sugary orange juice dressing, baked brussel sprouts (my recipe and the only low-cal thing on the menu), 2 glasses of red wine (absolutely necessary to get by), Hawaiian rolls with butter, slice of lemon meringue pie, cherry pie (just a little bit), ½ of a sugar cookie, and some jelly beans. Okay, this was all spread out over several hours, but going back to read it I can’t believe I fit that much food in my body! Needless to say I chose wisely not to weigh-in this morning… I brought left-overs for lunch and ate the whole thing at 8:30am! What is up with that? I ate enough yesterday to last at least 4 days and I wake up hungry…????

Grandma story: plate full of her left-over lemon meringue pie which she is placing on the floor and calling my dog over to eat it. I told her not to and she quit talking to me for quite a while. Then she thought the next holiday coming up was Christmas… poor dear… now where did I put that wine?

Goals for this week:
1. Clean out the *&#% fridge of all the left-overs (my Mom “oh no you keep it all, it is just me and your father and we’ll over-eat if we take it home…”)
2. Toss out the candy – 3 Easter egg hunts this weekend – my son is 3 – he won’t notice if I throw away most of his candy!
3. Keep up the H2O – 70oz/day.
4. Go to the gym – really, just go, exercise in heels if you have to, just GO!
5. Don’t stress… learn to say no at work.
6. Keep portions small.
7. Limit 1500 cals per day.
8. Dig myself out from under The Wagon and get back on!!!


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Age 39, Height 5’6”
Short term goal: Fit into my favorite old Levis 515’s – and still be able to breathe. (6 or less lbs to go)
Short term goal #2: Be able to wear a swim suit this summer and not feel like I need to suck in my stomach all the time. (about 9lbs to go + a miracle suit)
Long term goal: Live a healthy lifestyle; physically, mentally and spiritually.
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