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Originally Posted by wildbeanerz View Post
Please don't feel that I was trying to push you or say your method was wrong. Every person has to do this their own way. And yeah, by doing it before my day starts that means I have to start at 5am. Not the most fun time of the day to be sweating & grunting, but it's over and done for the day then. And I definitely sympathize with the TOTM stuff.
Oh, I know I was more just justifying it to myself. I know that if I said I would do it those days I would just be mad at myself if I didn't rather than proud that I didn't have to but did it anyway, ya know?

My best time for exercise seems to be late morning/early afternoon, which is good for walking but I usually do my weights in the evening, which is actually a nice way, for me, to end the day. House Hunters and weights!

TOTM showed up today, which explains why I've flt like a giant cow the past couple days, but I've had no symptoms yet otherwise...I can't help but think my lifestyle change has improved things in that area, which would be AWESOME. Tomorrow will be the real test.
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