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Health / Fitness Goals ...
1. Gallon of water daily!
2. Shred every day this week (will finish level 3) M: Yep!,
3. No salt on my plate
4. Walk on lunch weather permitting M: 38mins - 2miles,
5. Have endometrial biopsy done Wednesday
6. Daily calorie deficit of 750 minimum
7. Limit one sensible snack after dinner
8. Weigh and post it daily M: 262.4 ,

Life Goals ...
1. Be more of a participant on this forum
2. Read for 2 hrs this week (not on a computer)
3. Clip dogs' nails (ugh!)
4. Repot plant for the office (take home the one that is already at the office first)

There should be an activity for walking facing into the wind. I just walked 7 laps around my building (each lap = 1/4 mile plus 1/8 mile each direction to get to the building that I walk around) and I swear that 75% of that time was spent with wind gusting in my face. Why does the wind never come from behind me when I am walking in a circle?

When I finish the cup of water I have right now it will be 98oz so far today. I joined the PCC long ago today.
April - 35yr 5'10" mom of two teen boys

331.2 lbs 02.21.11 (start) size 28W-30W jeans
229.2 lbs 08.06.12 (best so far) size 16W
263.4 lbs 03.03.14 (current)

Progress 67.8 lbs - 20% of my original weight

New Collage April 2012

You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a newdream. ... CS Lewis
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