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Originally Posted by nobe View Post
That would be a good idea if me and early mornings got along better, haha. I usually feel pretty nauseous for the first hour or so that I'm up. And to work out before the kiddo gets up, which is the only time I could really do it, I'd have to be working out by about 6. I know, excuses, excuses!

I'm not saying I won't exercise those days, but I'm not going to make myself. I haven't walked or painted for hours in a day for a long time, so I don't know yet how I'll feel. But I'll still get in 4 days of exercise if I don't do it those days. Also, I'm due for crippling cramps (and weakness, dizziness, rage) in the next few days, so that's part of playing it by ear. I gotta do things in a way that I'm not making myself feel guilty, because guiltiness just makes me give up. If I do more than I planned, it'll motivated me to keep going.
Please don't feel that I was trying to push you or say your method was wrong. Every person has to do this their own way. And yeah, by doing it before my day starts that means I have to start at 5am. Not the most fun time of the day to be sweating & grunting, but it's over and done for the day then. And I definitely sympathize with the TOTM stuff.
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