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Thanks for all the help guys

The nutrition tab has really helped me. I've noticed what I've been lacking in, but I was also unaware as to how much I was getting through food already. I thought it would have been a lot lower in many areas. However, I've also been eating better food, but I wouldn't have truly known my nutrient intake otherwise.

Also, this multivitamin I've been taking says to take it 3 times a day, but I've been doing it twice. Now that I know what I get from food already, I can actually take the mutli once a day! It fills in a couple of areas that I'm lacking in, but I really don't need to take 3 a day to have a balanced diet. I can save even more money buy making it last longer.

I notice I'm almost always lacking in potassium, maybe that's why my leg muscles cramp when I'm just walking up a hill. I'm looking into foods which are high in potassium, and I'm going to integrate them into my diet more consistently.

What a great site feature
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