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MERN. We will be eating around 3 and I will be toasting you with the family, they'll probably think I'm mad but I don't care. Have a wonderful day yourself, that bean casserole sounds interesting. We will have the traditional lamb today, it's also my mums favourite ( except for a big juicy steak) for a lady who eats like a bird( her words) I bet she'll clear her plate this afternoon lol.

I bought a dress yesterday, for me that's mega as I almost always wear trousers, but I need a summer style dress for a work cocktail party in June. It's a little neat at present but a few more lbs off and it will be perfect.

Got to go as the qualifying for the MOTO GP is on and I'm going to start tidying the living room while I'm watching it. I spent 5 years working freelance at the tracks so I love to see if I can spot people I know still working there as well as watching the racing.
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