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Smile Howdy Mern!

Busy weekend here - as with many of you. EAT CLEAN Pact was a no go today. Spent time with family. Will do some more tomorrow. Glad to be home. I'm really a "home body".

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Originally Posted by Mern View Post
Luv! So great to see you found your way back. I felt like Little Bo Peep looking for my lost sheep! You are so funny! But when I think about it, you make a great sheperdess around here.

LOL Hey, I've been eating SQEAKY CLEAN because I didn't want to get hollered at when you came back. I'm so proud of how you've lost weight because of eating clean. Today I think I clogged up the whole city.

Just kidding--I really want to make that 4/24 goal with you if I still can--or at least get as close as I can. All this week I had only ONE piece of my sugar free chocolate and just ONE serving plus one SMALL piece of pork rinds. So is my reward check in the mail? LOL Here's a well-deserved prize for you! ->

Kudos on your clean eating and water. Thank you!

I changed water containers, too, but just to huge fast food restaurant plastic cups that I fill with ice cubes all the way up to the top and then 20 ounces of water or green iced tea on top of that. Seems like I drink more keeping that with me--don't know why. Somehow certain types of containers make it easier & more fun to drink water for me too. Aren't we silly creatures?!

Girl, I'm living proof that aches and pains decrease with weight loss and increased strength. Your day will come. This is so encouraging. I'm tired of being tired & achy.

Best wishes on the blood test tomorrow. I'm really rooting for you. My A1C and cholesterol and hemoglobin tests are May 22. What I like about the A1C is how it goes hand in hand with the fasting blood glucose test for a more accurate picture of how we've been lately--mine averages the past two months blood glucose percentage. Tests are done, now I'm waiting the results. I want to know, but a bit apprehensive. That's interesting on how your fasting blood sugar averages with the A1C.

Aw, I hope your Health Group continues or if not, that you can find another one blose by that works out well for you. This is an important aspect of my overall health support. I definitely will look for another group. But we meet for 12 more weeks. I think by then, the leader will have better sense as to whether she'll continue to lead. There may be a possibility that another member will lead starting Fall of this year.

Whoa! 204.5 on the scales this morning. No wonder you're jumping for joy! Those peaks always are good indicators for me--I go by my highest of the three numbers I get on the scale, but if there's a low one there, it usually does come true in just a day or so. Thank ye! Just now 'fraid to get back on the scales after today!

[/FONT]I hope to be a better participant this coming week as I get back onto a more regular schedule.
Best Wishes, Luv
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