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So glad to see y'all are going strong over the weekend. I ended up playing hooky from work on Thursday and Friday. I made my policy goal though. I worked out 3 times but haven't walked. Believe it or not riding a motorcycle can feel like exercise at times, so it probably evens out with the walking.

I got up and did some yard work this morning, then my GF pissed me off so I decided to work on my tan (on my arms ). I saw a bunch of guys on sport bikes at the gas station by my house so I rode with them out to the beach. Didn't know any of them (and I was the ONLY white one) but it's all good. When you're with other guys on bikes you're like family. Really nice group of guys. Exchanged numbers with a couple of them, so now I have more riding buddies. I put about 100 miles on the bike today and already have just over 500 on her. Just changed the oil.
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