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Originally Posted by oliviagilmore View Post
I want someone who I have to talk to everyday. Some one who will hold me accountable and push me and I can do the same for them. I want someone I can text/email/facebook when I feel like Im gonna break. Someone who will get on here everyday and put in what they ate, how they exercised. I wanna share my success, my insecurities, etc. I am a 19 yr old airmans wife, I am unemployed and I have a 2 yr old husky who pushes me to walk him every day. I like yoga and I have a gym in my neighborhood that I never use, I also have a pool in my neighborhood that I never use. I live in california. I want a friend and a partner. Preferablly someone who has the same goals and interests as myself.
Hey oliviagilmore: I'm stationed at Travis AFB, CA. I'm Air Force and I'm trying to lose 100 lbs as well. I have an injury but we can def help each other! I have a pass to 24 hour fitness where I go and swim! I was 245 on March 2 now April 7 I'm down to 235! I've been trying to find someone around here to work out with (my husband works two jobs) so he rarely has time to come work out with me. I work everyday but I'm off by 4 and at the pool until like 6-7 I also want to start walking. I walked everywhere at Basic Training and that helped me go from 152 down to 126 i dont like being THAT small I feel better at like 145 but that's just me...I like having a butt and thighs! Haha but yeah since we're so close we just def talk and maybe help each other get down! We can create our own "biggest loser" and have a contest with each other! That's what a friend of mine did! They would weigh in every week and whoever lost the least lbs had to take the other out for dinner! Just thought that was cool...anyway you can email me at or just write me through here. I check it all the time everyday! Keep on losing those pounds ladies!!!!

Start: March 2, 245
Now: April 7, 235
Goal Dec 31, 2010, 175

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