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Just wanted to say a couple of things.
1 I ruptured a triceps muscle many years ago which means that I have a HUGE bingo wing on my right arm that cannot be fixed without surgery but there would be a high risk of nerve damage so I learnt to live with it by wearing 3/4 sleeves in summer. It's more noticeable now that I'm slimmer but the overall look of my body is so much better that it now looks like an injury and not just an additional blob of fat.
2 I have a lot of strange scars on my stomach from surgeries so even without the flabbiness I wouldn't be wearing a bikini but again my silhouette in a swimsuit is so much better that I won't mind doing the walk to the pool.
Men who cannot see past some excess skin aren't worth bothering with, I'm not pretending that the first time unveiling yourself in front of him will be easy but pretty lingerie really helps. You are being way too hard on yourself, you've changed your life and should be enjoying the new you. Health, the ability to move around easily and an overall better appearance wins out over some loose skin. Keep up the good work.
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