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Thank you both! Glad to meet a few others who've had their gallbladder removed too and know what that's like

Thank you too Srylie for the offer to ask for help! So far I haven't tried eggs but I'll be sure to get egg substitute instead. I'm glad to hear about the sweets tho, sometimes I have a really bad sweet tooth so I'll try the yogurt suggestion.

I agree Tori, at 20 you still tend to do what you want no matter what lol. I'm glad though that you don't have any food issues

I'm hoping for me my food issues will be just a temporary thing but I have to admit even though it's a hassle it's also helping me be more aware of what I eat and especially more aware of fat in foods.

Thanks Srylie and Tori for the forum welcome Congrats too Tori on the weight you've lost so far! I noticed it in your signature, looks like you're doing great!
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