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Originally Posted by Tunnrida View Post
Today is my 3 day, 2 attempts this year to lose weight.
At the beginning of the year I started with exercise and diet and lost 4.4 lbs in 2 nad half weeks, and then all was all stopped, regardless of diet and exercise.
discouraged I gave up everything.
A few days ago I got a new rush of positive energy and started into a new being lost pounds.
Currently I am going from 130.5 lbs.
I have to lose 26 Ibs.
Maybe that sounds exaggerating about my weight, but I am tall 63 in and and this 26 Ibs means a lot on me.
I just want to go back on my old weight, from 4 years ago when I got some health problems and got the weight.
In my case, and it seems a lot of others as well, the thing that gets your weight stuck even though you are doing what you think you need to, is simply sugars. That includes all fruits and the banana in the morning. No sweet foods, no sugar. And of course keeping your daily carbs below 100g.

That's what restarts your fat-burning and gets you tracking down again.

If you need sweet drinks on your tongue during the day, there are some diet ice teas made with sucralose. Works great.
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