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I have found that "low carb" is my best tool for losing weight, but I can't live that way forever either.

When I lost the first 30lbs is was on a low-er carb regiment. No sugar, refined grains, minimal rice, etc. Whole grains in moderation was fine. Once I lost the weight I reintroduced occasional pasta, crusty breads (often white) and a sweet now and then. After a couple of years of maintaining I proved to myself that I had adopted pretty good standard eating habits by not regaining (well, there are the usual ups and downs - I do have to keep an eye my diet).

In this last phase to lose those tenatous 10lbs. I have been working with a Dr. (who is a shrink by training - intersting combo) who uses a very restrictive carb program - and I gotta say if really works. But in a week or 2 when I reach my goal, I will go back to my carbs in moderation habits.

As many have said before me, it's about portion control, not really "good" and "bad" foods in the long run. But for me, short-term diet restrictions do seem to work.
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