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Default 85 pounds to lose...

...and so far I lost 2. In a week. This is gonna take ages! But hey, it took me years to put on that much weight so it's only fair...

I'm a 24 year old business student from Germany. I'm 5' 7'' and weigh 206 lbs. The weight I was most happy with was at around 120 lbs. Trying to get back to that. Like I said it's gonna take ages but I'm serouis about it. Planed on eating more healthy before but there was always something that "kept" me from actually doing it. Moving, holidays, vacation, stress at work - you name it - I used every excuse known to man to not start losing weight. I didn't even try because I was so afraid I might fail. I really think I'm addiceted to bread and pasta. I could eat them all the time! So that's the 1st thing I cut down on. Over the last week I've been trying to eat more protein. So far so good...

I really like the idea of supporting each other and having a place to vent. I need people who are going to same thing as me and who are not just trying lose 5 lbs but serouis amounts of weight like me. Anybody interested?

p.s. Sorry for my bad spelling.
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