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Originally Posted by Rubystars View Post
This is kind of lame in a way because it's not like you can tell your body "You will lose no more than 2 lbs in a week". If you have a lot of extra weight and you start eating a reasonable amount of food and it just melts off right at first, then you really can't control that.
Agreed. It really can't be controlled. There were times where I dropped 3 pounds in a week and I wasn't starving myself by any means. Just eating clean and exercising vigorously is what did it. And I didn't wind up losing that much as many here. I've bottomed out at around 40 pounds loss now (started in the 180's and now @ 139) and even though it's not that much of a drop, relatively speaking, even *I* have some loose skin here and there. Even though the loss was not that much, and the loss rate was nearly optimal most of the time. So this excess skin thing is really a crap shoot in my opinion. It seems inevitable.

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