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Default MENU! It works for me!

Okay so here's my menu (hope you like it!)

7am- light and fit strawberry banana smoothie and/or yogurt and handful of nuts (almonds)

8am- 1-2 cups of coffee with cream and sugar

9am- banana

1030- handful of "craisins trail mix, cranberry and chocolate"

11:00- ham and cheese lean pocket (or) peanut butter and jelly sandwhich (or) lean cuisuin pepporoni pizza and then I add a salad or baked lays chips

1pm- applesauce (or) light butter popcorn

3pm- more craisins trial mix (or) yogurt (or) handful of pretzels

4:30- Dinner! (usually something like: shake and bake chicken breast (boneless and skinless but seasoned soooo good!) mac and cheese or mashed potatoes and then a veggie like brocoli or green beans or peas

Then I swim until about 6-7 and then eat a fruit and nut parfait for my treat! I usually go to sleep around 10!

ALSO: Most times I cook that dinner for my hubby and then I eat it the next day for lunch and whatever I was GOING to eat for lunch that next day (the lean pocket and such) I eat for dinner. That way I eat MORE at lunch and LESS at dinner!

That diet and swimming 3-4 days a week for 30min to an hour has made me lose 10 pounds in 6 weeks! March 2- 245 April 7- 235

I always take one day a week (usually Sat or Sun) to go out to eat and usually get loaded mashed potatoes or baked potatoe and a burger or chicken strips or something.

I try to stay under 1600 cal a day but usually when I go out to eat I only hit 1800-1900 so I'm still good! and The diet I explained above usually only makes me hit 1400-1500 cal a day! And I'm not hungrey~!

Oh and the "perfect" way to keep your cal in check "from one of my dietitians stand point" is when you enter your food into FitDay~ it gives you a should be 60% carbs 25% fat and 15% protein

I really hope this helps! sorry it's so long~ keep me updated!

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