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Default Hi all *waves*

Hi there, thought I'd post here since I just started FitDay

I started FitDay because I need to keep track of the fat I eat due to having my gallbladder removed a few weeks ago. I have to learn to eat a low fat diet in order to avoid majorly serious pains in my abdomen and sides, at least till my body adjusts without the gallbladder. Maybe I'm a baby on pain but it's major pain to me lol, I had pancreatitis before the surgery and it feels like that each time, bleh horrible. It doesn't always happen with the fat so it's a bit odd, but when it happens the pain is awful. It's the first time I had surgery too so the whole thing was a new experience.

Plus I also want to lose weight, I've been big my whole teen/adult life. I'm 32 years old now, almost 33. I had started my effort in losing weight prior to my pancreatitis and gallbladder problems, at my highest I was 245 lbs then I went down to 220 just before I got sick. Right now I'm at 204 and my goal is to get to 120 lbs. I'm a shorty, 5 foot 2 in, so I think 120 would be good. Because of the surgery I can't lift weights, over extend, or do anything strenuous for another 3 weeks my Dr said so my only form of exercise now is walking.

If I had my way I'd probably be doing some yoga or pilates and a kettlebell workout. I like stretching type of exercises since I tend to stress myself out a lot. Oddly enough being forced to not do anything makes me want to workout more, which I hated before, so I guess that's another positive out of the whole pancreatitis and gallbladder surgery thing, the other positive being a 16 lb weight loss lol, not a good way to lose weight but heck I'll still take it!

Food wise my goal is to try to eat lower fat and eat 6 small meals. My nutritionist and Dr said the 6 small meals is better for the body to adjust to handle fats in the meals since the body has to learn how to do that without a gallbladder now. The fat goal for me is going to be hard I think since I tend to like candy and chips.

Also oddly enough another goal is to eat more and work up to 1,300 calories, my nutritionist said that I'm not eating enough and my body thinks it's starving so it's holding onto all the fat thinking that I'm going through a famine. So in order to lose weight my body needs to realize it's being fed regularly, this is where the 6 small meals helps too, so that my body can allow me to lose the excess fat instead of storing it and working against me. Food lately is blah to me and having pancreatitis for a month prior to surgery has also made me afraid to eat due to the pain, so that's why I'm kind of odd and need to eat more to lose weight.

Well, I better stop babbling before I write a whole book lol. Looking forward to checking out the forums better and getting to know others here too Take care!
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