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Default I'll join this group!

I have been up and down w/my weight but I'm thinking about my health and need to get to a good weight... then a co-worker asked if I was preggers yesterday. Thats it! So I logged my food intake and I've eaten too much already today. I sit all day @ wk and have 3 kids when I get home, but I try to do my eliptical for 30 min. 4 day's a week. Right now I know I need to loose 40 lbs, but I am going for a goal of 10. I need some incentive to know there is a prize. Got any ideas? I'm not a spa girl -like I want a vacation if I get to my goal. oh, and I'm trying to stop drinking so that is making me eat more and I just fell on the ice in the parking lot and hurt my knee pretty bad. I have ice on it -but dang it. I don't need road blocks.

Maybe we can log in every morning (m-f) or every evening and say how we did for the day? Should we start a new thread for that?

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