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I'm almost positive that before I started tracking my diet I was doing something similar. I started FitDay shortly after talking to my doctor and her telling me I need to eat a lot of "rabbit food" and eat 6 small meals a day. She said one should be 500 calories, and the rest should be 100 calories. I am embarrassed to talk about the issues with my gall bladder. I usually leave it at abdominal cramps.

I never let myself go hungry, it means my body needs something. Today I didn't eat enough calories but had too many carbs (I think). I am having trouble figuring out the general amount of carbs I should be eating. I recently switched to diet sodas. Soda is the hardest thing for me to give up and I know depriving yourself of what you want will only lead to splurging. So... I figure worry about the chemicals in diet soda later. Surprisingly I haven't had any caffeine withdrawals despite drinking it for years (unless that's where all my sweet cravings are coming from?).

My day went well, very active. I didn't exercise persay but I lifted wood, packed things for camping. My family eats lots of sugary things while camping. I tried to find myself some sweet treats that weren't all fats, carbs, and sugar. It is not easy. We are going clamming on the coast this weekend.

Should we move this conversation to a PM? I don't want to be "spamming" the threads.
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