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WW does the same thing Fitday does, except they counted the calories for you ahead of time. You would still need to use a food journal to track what you are eating. As far as being fussy, I am finding I have to enter foods on Fitday as well, and quite a bit at that. Contrary to the other comment, WW doesn't seem to lean toward low protein/high carb, nor does Nutrisystem, and both have online tools that work to your advantage.
I do not use WW. I did a long time ago, but I did use their site, and Nutrisystem's site, both have easy to use food logging tools. The NS one I did concurrently with my Fitday entries so I had even more tools at my disposal.
Bottom line is, one is free and one is not. Both are going to require energy and attention, so in that regard, neither is "easy". Nothing worth having is easy, though, and if you are truly dedicated you will make either (or both) work for you. It's a commitment, and the only one that won't work is the one you don't commit to, right?
I suppose that's the hardest part. The commitment to your body. And mind.

I am trying to stay committed! Good luck to you!
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