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Originally Posted by Bellamia77 View Post
Been doing this for 8 days now and have lost 6lbs! I do this monday thru saturday and sunday i kinda pig out (cheat day). I recomend it, im never hungry and dont get the 3pm crash anymore!
Yup, I've been eating clean since July 2011. Not only do I have energy throughout the day, with no crash anymore, but my exercise training is making huge improvements, I'm maintaining my weight (after losing 40 pounds), AND last but not least my brain doesn't have that "cloudy" feeling that I used to have prior to eating clean.

By the way. You mentioned "3PM crash". That 5 hour energy stuff is a scam. I've tried it and it did NOTHING. Of course, I'm eating clean so I've got 24 hour energy.

Think of food as fuel for the body instead of feeding emotions
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