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Originally Posted by HardcaorKittyGirl View Post
I Went shopping yesterday and at one of the stores I went to (and have gone to for the large few years after i outgrew my old favorites) they didn't have my size shorts! Even the smallest pair they currently had was too large for me! You should have seen the cashiers face when I screamed "YES!" and ran off to stores that carried smaller sizes.
FUN!!! I won't say the SAME thing happened to me, but close. When I go to the store I pick the size I think I am, then a size down... just to see... I go to try on that smaller size first... and it's TOO BIG! I kind of want to scream a little, but instead I just stand there... in disbelief.

This morning I hit 41 pounds down from my heaviest. I have 9 more pounds to go.... thank you all for your inspirational achievements. They inspire.
Weight loss of 52 pounds
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