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Default Stay Focused!!!

I did not do so good last week - the scale is up 2 nasty lbs so it is time to get the focus on and kick-some-butt this week! I need to be okay with feeling hungry for a while – especially when there is food readily available like when working from home and on the weekends. Then is when I am going over on cals, being snacky…

Easter Sunday is coming up – so I really need to stick to my goals for the next 6 days so that I can have a semi-guilt-free Sunday. I have lots of family coming in Sunday, plus kids Easter egg hunt and luncheon on Saturday with friends. Oye…

1. Water 70oz per day.
2. Cals under 1500.
3. Pre-log food.
4. Keep portions small.
5. Only 1 piece of chocolate after dinner. No food after that.
6. Workout 2x at gym. Exercise at home non-gym nights.
7. Stay positive!

Eat Clean Pact – Forbidden Foods (REVISED)
1. No packaged sweets (cookies, candy bars, etc.).
2. No donuts or bagels.
3. No soda.

Katy – I am so sorry to hear about your Dad. Big hug to you… stay strong lady…

Mike – NICE BIKE!!! I bet you had a fast and furious weekend…!

Cassie - Great goals! Love the re-pot plant goal. Mine are so suffering from neglect...

Jho and April – GREAT WORK!!!! The incredible shrinking Ladies!

Mandy – I dropped off last week too, but this week is all about focus! Love that you’re a biology major! I am a Biologist/Environmental Scientist and love my work!

Nobe – You met your mini-goal!!!! Congratulations!

Tunnrida – No bread or potatoes – great goals!

Hope – Love the positivity goal! Sometimes it is hard to remember to do so… just added this to my list!

Quinn – Six dessert tables???!!! One dessert goal sounds great – you can totally do it!
My inspiration for the week is from Oprah, who once said something similar to this on her show…
Hunger is the feeling you get when your body is eating your thighs, love that feeling!”
I love Oprah.
Happy Monday! Ama
For fellow space junkies ( )

Age 39, Height 5’6”
Short term goal: Fit into my favorite old Levis 515’s – and still be able to breathe. Wore them out to a restaurant Sunday and had to unbutton when sitting down…
Short term goal #2: Be able to wear a swim suit this summer and not feel like I need to suck in my stomach all the time. (8lbs to go + a miracle suit)
Long term goal: Live a healthy lifestyle; physically, mentally and spiritually.
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