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Wow, special congrats to all off you who showed a marked improvement on your scale numbers. Well done!

Returned to exercise today with no pain. Scale jumped a ton--9.5 lbs. since 3-18, so I'm hoping a whole darned lot of it is water retention. But a few pounds could definitely be added fat weight as I fell off the wagon horribly this past weekend. Time to straighten up and fly right.

Goals this week

Eat Clean Pact: No junk except pork rinds and 2 pcs. sugar free candy per day
Calorie limit 1500
Carbs less fiber limit 25g
Fiber average 25g per day
Cholesterol average under 300mg
Saturated fat average 12% or less of total calories
Water 64 oz. YES
Exercise 5 days YES
Age 67, 5 feet tall
Highest weight ever in the fall of 2010 246 lbs.
FitDay starting weight 1/17/2011 240 lbs.
Weight 3/26/2014 223.4
Current weight 4/4/2014 221.2

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